Looking for an idea for a hen / bachelor party? Would you like to spend it in warm countries or on an exotic island, but there is not enough time for the trip?  Vichy Water Park invites you to celebrate the constant summer and entertainment oasis! It’s not just descents, attractions, baths, whirlpools, swimming pools and refreshing cocktails in the bars, but it’s also a real challenge for the young lady or gentleman, in which they will have to prove that they are ready for the most serious step of life.

Charming rescuers will support the rhythm of the party, who will try to make the hen / bachelor party an unforgettable adventure. In our programme, the rescuers have prepared a lot of resourceful, fun, engaging tasks and surprises that will not let bored for a moment. The programme of the festival includes: event hosts-rescuers, games for hen / bachelor parties, meals, water entertainment, oaths and gifts for a hen / bachelor party.

So, all you must do is hug the best friends and good mood – we’ll take care of everything else!