Bath area is the area of baths located on the third floor of the park, which invites to try the ten different types of baths, where the visitors will experience the whole diversity of Polynesian climate: “Drought in Hawaii”, “Tropical heat”, “Afternoon in Kiribati”, “Tahitian mist”, “Equatorial rays”, “Motu”, “Taha”, “Scylla pearls”, “Fare hot”, “Vaitapes sun”

Drought in Hawaii

When was the last time you wandered through a sun-drenched desert? Open the door to the delightful world of drought and heat waves. Air temperature: 100-110ºC. Humidity: 5-15%.

Tropical heat

Do you think you are a gourmand of baths? Feel free to step inward. Draw the energy in a moist and warm tropical oasis. Do you want it to be hotter? Climb higher. Air temperature: 60-80ºC. Humidity: 60-75%

Afternoon in Kiribati

Free your body and soul from troubles. Enjoy the fresh and mild climate of the island of Kiribati. It’s time to relax! Air temperature: 40-45ºC

Tahiti mist

Reveal the secrets of Tahiti. Indulge in relaxing caresses of steam clouds. The heat and humidity gently envelop the skin, soften and smoothe it … Do not hesitate! Air temperature: 40-50ºC. Humidity: 90.

Equatorial rays

Dive into the sea of infrared rays created for your skin. Here you will leave all your negative emotions. Recommended duration of grilling – 10-20 minutes. Air temperature: 40-50ºC