“Vichy“ Aqua Park is a perfect place to celebrate the most beautiful feast in exotic surroundings. Here you will find not only heat, sun, sea, gaiety, but also perfect unforgettable mood and impressions, which you will remember for a long time!

Here you will also discover incredible entertainment of “Vichy“ aqua park – water cannon on the “Game island“, the ground traction destroying “Yell of the Maori“, impressive waves in the „Dolphin‘s sea“, rapid and twisty “Canoe river“ and many other unforgettable impressions of birthday party.

Wild madcap west

This is a great opportunity for a little hero of a day to meet a dotty Indian and his cowboy friend, who will share their experiences and stories with children, will play games specific to the Wild West region.

During the feast you will:

  • Get acquainted with the host of feast: a dotty Indian and funny cowboy
  • Hear a story revealing the causes for occurrence of these characters in “Vichy” Aqua Park
  • Search for a hidden chest
  • Do tasks, play games, enjoy entertainment in water and not only

Wild West in “Vichy” Aqua Park? What do a cowboy and Indian do here? Why do they behave so strangely? Bravely take a step and dive in a trip full of adventures with a funny cowboy and dotty Indian. They are never sad; they can play, tell interesting stories and dance strange dances. And they are really ready to reveal you funny adventures redolent of Wild West...

Polynesian feast

Anniversary on a Little Polynesian island is a perfect opportunity to celebrate birthday according to the Polynesian traditions and rituals!

The program includes:

  • Meeting with Polynesians
  • Sprusing up with Polynesian clothing
  • Searching for the black pearl
  • Merry games in the water
  • Ritual of the God Tikis and ordering of wishes of participants

Feast starts just after the arrival at the park, where children are met by the Polynesians. During the trip to Makamaka room, the children are narrated a legend about the Polynesian Gods, then children are spruced with tattoos and Polynesian clothing. Carrying out wishes of Polynesian gods, the children go on playing games in the Waves pool and search for the Black pearl at the playground.

Pirates‘ ship

It is a good opportunity for a little hero of an anniversary to become the captain of pirates’ ship and to find a treasure hidden by the Blackbeard in the park together with friends the veriest members of pirate‘s crew!

The party includes:

  • Hero‘s of an anniversary becoming a captain of the ship
  • Sprucing up of a crew
  • Taking an oath of the pirate
  • Merry games in the water
  • Looking for treasure of pirates

The party starts just after the arrival at the park, where a hero of an anniversary and his friends are met by the Pirate, who introduces a new crew to the challenges awaited. In “Makamaka” room, the crew is spruced and tattooed. Children are moved to the Waves pool by the ship, where they will play tenacity and reaction games as well as search for the treasure at the “Game ground”.

Lifeguard beach

This program is an opportunity for a hero of a day and his guests to see a funny life of lifeguards at close range. What is the Aqua Park without the brave lifeguards? And who would not want to be in the lifeguard’s skin and try own strength, courage and determination? So, full speed ahead to the beach of lifeguards! If you think that it is enough for the lifeguards to be brave and strong, you are very wrong. Lifeguards have to be handsome and tanned; otherwise, they will not be able to feel good and self-confident. Our aim as lifeguards is to show you the work of lifeguards behind the scenes and allow you to feel real and true lifeguards and, of course, to reveal all the innermost secrets.

The program includes:

  • Acquaintance with the hosts of the feast, Pamelita and Biceps;
  • Introduction to the real work of lifeguard;
  • Fast tan and muscle growing;
  • We will learn some “movements” that are necessary for the lifeguards;
  • Oath of lifeguards;
  • Tasks, games, entertainment;
  • A sweet final.

Find out why it is such a fun to be a lifeguard! :)

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I - on Mondays we only work during the summer and Christmas holidays.
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Number of celebration participants Program price
 4-7 children 100  €
 8-12 children 110  €
 13-16 children 120  €

Birthday ticket prices

Birthday celebration participants additionally have to purchase tickets to “Vichy” Aqua Park – they are subject to following discounts. The prices listed below are only valid with birthday party program.

Ticket Type Unlimited time ticket
 Adults 15,50 €
Adults with saunas 18,50 €
 6 - 17 m. children 12,50 €
 3 - 5 m. children 9,00 €
0 - 2 m. children 2,50 €

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