Rules of purchase

The subject matter of these rules is the services offered by Vichy Aqua Park and its partners, managed by UAB “Vandens Parkas” that can be purchased via the electronic trading system at (hereinafter – the System).

The ticket a voucher of Annual subscription or other voucher of “Vichy” Aqua Park purchased by the Buyer in the System grants the Buyer the same rights and access to the Services specified therein in the same manner as any other ticket or voucher of “Vichy” Aqua Park purchased.

The rules herein define the e-Ticket purchase, payment, expiration, and other issues related to the e-Ticket. These rules supplement other valid internal regulations of “Vichy” Aqua Park but do not replace thereof.

The These Rules apply to the person who has purchased or intends to purchase the e-Ticket (hereinafter – the Buyer).

In each case, the Buyer confirms that before purchasing the e-Ticket via System, he has closely familiarized himself with each of the terms and conditions related to the provision of services, e-Ticket rules, other regulations applied by the “Vichy” Aqua Park and completely agrees with them.

Purchase Procedure

The price of each service in the System is provided separately, together with a description of the service referred to therein.

By purchasing the e-Ticket, the Buyer must:

Familiarize himself with the description of the product or service and terms of provision thereof

Provide personal information in column “Personal data”

Pay for the e-Ticket in system by chosen payment method.

Expiry Date of e-Ticket and Terms of the Use

E-Ticket shall be valid immediately after it has been sent to the Buyer by e-mail at the address indicated by the Buyer in the column “Personal Data”. The Buyer can use the e-Ticket the same day as soon as he has received it by email.

In order to use e-Ticket, it is necessary to present it at the box office of Aqua Park (on the screen of the smartphone or printed out on a sheet of paper).

E-Ticket for standard tickets (which are not subject to any special promotions) of Aqua Park shall be valid for 12 months from the date of its purchase. E-Ticket for the tickets of Aqua Park which are subject to special promotions and special offers shall be valid for the period specified in the descriptions of special promotions and special offers. E-Ticket validity period shall be stated in the e-Ticket that the Client receives by e-mail shortly after the payment.

The validity period of e-Ticket for the tickets of Aqua Park which are subject to special promotions and special offers shall not be extended according to the procedure stipulated in the following rules herein unless it is indicated in the description of the Service that is purchased by e-Ticket. In this case, the final expiry date of e-Ticket is indicated on the e-Ticket itself.

The e-Ticket may not be refunded, extended, replaced to a new one when it has been lost or otherwise deprived, or exchanged to cash, except for the Buyer’s right to refuse a remotely purchased unused e-Ticket (i.e. e-Ticket Purchase Agreement) within 14 days of purchase in accordance with the rules laid down in Article 6.228 (10) of the Civil Code of the Republic.

The e-Ticket can be replaced with another ticket of the same category of Service, i.e. by choosing an additional time period for Service provision or choosing any additional bath areas. In this case, the Client has to pay the extra difference between the e-Ticket and the value of selected Services. This can be done by the Client at the ticket offices of the Aqua Park before entering the Aqua Park.

The Buyer shall have the right to:

Transfer the rights granted by the e-Ticket purchased on his behalf to third parties and ensure as well as guarantee that the person whom the rights are transferred is duly informed of the rules on the e-Ticket purchase and sale.

Use the Services indicated in e-Ticket.

The Buyer must:

Familiarize himself with the descriptions of the Services and requirements applied to them (including, but not limited to, age, height limit) indicated in the E-Ticket being purchased that the Buyer must observe willing to use the Service or any part thereof specified in the e-Ticket (such as the age, height or other requirements at different water rides). The Buyer is aware that authorized persons may refuse to provide the Service chosen by the Buyer to a person who does not meet the requirements for the provision of the Service, in which case the money for which the e-Ticket was purchased shall not be refunded.

Familiarize himself with these e-Ticket rules, other regulations of the Aqua Park applied to the Service chosen and implicitly observe them.

The Aqua Park shall have the right to:

Refuse to provide Services if the Buyer has provided false, incomplete, misleading or partial information during the e-Ticket acquisition.

The Aqua Park must:

Make every effort to ensure that the Services specified in e-Ticket are provided to the Buyer during the entire validity period of e-Ticket.

Observe confidentiality and data protection requirements.

Rules on Data Presentation.

During the purchase of e-Ticket, the Buyer must provide complete and accurate personal and other data required by the System.

The Buyer shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data provided. If the Buyer has provided false, inaccurate, misleading or partial data, the risk related to the inadequate purchase of e-Ticket shall fall to the Buyer.

The Buyer shall provide the Aqua Park with gratuitous right to use the information provided by him only and just to the extent that it is required for the provision of Services indicated in the e-Ticket. This right shall apply until the provision of Service specified in the e-Ticket or the expiry date of the e-Ticket.


The Aqua Park shall undertake to keep confidential and not to disclose the data provided by the Buyer to third parties (except third parties providing services when it is necessary in order to ensure proper and timely provision of Services indicated in the e-Ticket). These obligations shall not apply when the disclosure of the Buyer’s data is required in cases provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Dispute Resolution Procedure

All disputes with UAB “Vandens Parkas” shall be settled by negotiations. If the negotiations fail to resolve the disputes, they shall be resolved in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in force.

Disputes with consumers are settled out-of-court by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority. You may submit a request/complaint regarding the Service purchased in the System to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (Vilniaus str. 25, 01402 Vilnius, Lithuania: for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes.

Other Provisions

VAT invoices shall not be issued to legal entities according to Article 3 of the Law on Value Added Tax (Official Gazette, 2002, No. 35-1271)