Bathhouses have long been considered a sacred place, which not only performs wellness procedures, but also revitalizes the soul. For our visitors we offer bathing areas  where you will find everything you need for quality relaxation.

On the first floor of the Open Sauna Zone you will find 2 saunas – Aratika and Kaukura.”Aratika” is a Turkish bath, especially for those who find it difficult to sustain more heat. Thanks to the gentle vapor, you will be able to perform various breath-taking rituals in the bathhouse, which will not only act as a mediator, but will also clean your airways, skin.”Kaukura” is a Russian steam bath, which has a high temperature of 60-80 °C. The humidity of this sauna perfectly eliminates accumulated fatigue and gives energy, and therefore Kaukura is ideally suited for those who seek refreshment after a difficult day.

On the third floor, we invite you to visit the bathing areas, where there is a real variety of baths (Russian baths, Turkish baths, Finnish baths, infrared saunas. „Lava” sauna area equipped with up to 5 different saunas space from the desert-like heat, drought in Hawaii, to the sea of clouds overarching Tahiti fog “and willing to freshen up and to experience the real exotic snow waiting room and tropical shower. The Bora Bora complex includes Turkish and Russian baths and the sauna “Vaitapės saulė“. There is also a Shaka bar and a jacuzzi, which serves the tranquillity and white sandy beaches.

In the bathing zones there are hourly performed such baths procedure as bathing, massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy, etc. So, if you want to enjoy 100 percent of the bathhouse, we suggest you do not wait for anything and go on a journey of tranquillity and pleasant sensations. After all, your body deserves the best!