You did not know that your colleague is a crazy adrenaline lover? And your office lady friend may dive farther than all your other colleagues putting together? Probably you did not also know the fact that the director is a professional basketball player in the water? We also did not know it, but we can help you to check whether this is true. And to do this is not only very simple, but is also a great fun.

Our proposed 4-step program:
  1. Offer your colleagues to have fun at “Vichy” aqua park; of course, they will all immediately agree.
  2.  Call us and tell us the good news.
  3. We will register you and will be looking forward to your arrival in “Vichy” aqua park with a smile.
  4. Let the party begin…!

We offer you a jolly gala program called “Polynesian feast”. This is a great opportunity to dive in the Polynesian sea of gaiety with your colleagues.