As one dreams about the summer all year round, the other takes swimwear, good spirits and travels to the Vichy Water Park! Here you will find the atmosphere of the Polynesian Islands and a wealth of activities that are balanced for the whole family. There are modern jacuzzi baths, a pool bar and pool for the ones, who want to take pleasure in the unforgettable adventure with the ocean waves, the one may enjoy the pleasurable water attractions at “Dolphin Sea” and “Kanojų River”, and for the children we have prepared a special children’s playground with exotic amusements and the water currents may be adjusted by themselves.

The biggest challenges are waiting for adrenaline fans – here we have 9 water attractions and runways, equalling their length to three Vilnius TV towers. Speed, spectacular turns and bloody soothing feelings are a challenge that once accepted, you will decide it again. „Moray Volcano”, where you can reach 60 km / h. The Fiji Hurricane, 152 meters in length, and the popular “Mauritius Crash”, which allows you to experience a state of weaker weight, are just some of the attractions we offer for those who are looking for extreme leisure.

So, if you feel that your daily routine is lacking in colour and you want to have a steady head start in your entertainment, do not look farther away – the Vichy Aqua Park is open to everyone who wants to celebrate and entertain!