Fun is compatible with knowledge! Where do we know it from? Because we have prepared several educational programmes for schoolchildren, during which they are invited to get acquainted with geography, history, sports and mystical water science.

Our educational lessons are active and engaging, and you can choose from even 4 different topics. It’s “Maritime Mythology” with the intriguing and unsealed underworld’s secrets of the world, “Seven Wonders of the World” to help you grasp their authentic origins and significance for the public, “Cognitive Trip to the Polynesian Archipelago”, telling about the culture, customs, flora and culture of the island group. “Firefighters” is an educational lesson on safe behaviour and the dangers of water.

We conduct educational lessons for students from different classes, and adapt their content according to the age, activity and needs of the group.

During the classes, the groups are supervised not only by teachers but also by professional rescuers who walk to each pool and landing trail.

So, if you want children not only to try the fun water park attractions but also participate in a curriculum that develops critical thinking, fosters imagination, creativity and expands the horizons, we will be happy to arrange lessons or excursions for pupils in an extraordinary environment.

Fun is compatible with knowledge! Where do we know it from? Because we have prepared several

For accompanying teachers:

  • 10 baths, jacuzzies, “Canoe river” and waves’ pool for only EUR 0.5;
  • 30 min. session in a salt room FOR FREE;
  • GIFT – the invitation of 25 EUR for another visit to “Vichy” aqua park;
  • A good rest while the children have fun!

We know how to combine education and entertainment!

There are 18 professional lifeguards permanently working in the water park at each pool and slide.

It is necessary to register in advance by phone 8 5 211 11 13 (call on weekdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm) or by e-mail